View Full Version : Bike sale/transfer?

10-04-2012, 16:07
Hi -
Think I might (might!) be on the verge of actually selling my beloved motorcycle, but one query........the Spanish potential buyer told me you don't necessarily have to go to Santa Cruz Traffico to get paperwork done? You can get it done locally and they just send it on. Takes a few days etc. Just what is the true situation here, why is it there such conflicting advice everywhere on Tenerife. I figure these guys know best, they are Canarian after all......but maybe I should be wary? Advice asap appreciated. Cheers

10-04-2012, 16:15
You cannot change ownership of a car/bike unless you go to Hacienda and Trafico.I do this on a weekly basis and beleive me if it was possible to I would know.Perhaps the local person was talking about-
1) Paying the taxes in the Hacienda office in the South(possible but you can also now pay this in any bank with the appropriate forms.
2) Giving papers to a Gestor to do, but as the buyer has to provide original passport/DNI you could then potenially be without that for 4 /6 weeks depending on how quick they work!
We do all our transfers same day , ie leave originals with us Tuesday, we do all the leg work Wednesday and paperwork is back and transfered late Wednesday .