View Full Version : Can anyone recommend a good mechanic near the Golf del Sur in Tenerife?

Dave Social
13-04-2012, 21:13
Hi everyone, arrived on the island last week after a two week journey from the Uk.
We have relocated here to work and live. Joined the site before we came over and got some good advice from some of you. It's me the wife and my dog (Black English Labrador). Currentley staying on the Golf Del Sur but hopefully moving to Amirilla bay. Hope to make friends and get great advice from you all.
We are a middle aged couple, so not in to the nightclub scene! We love scenery, walking & socializing.

Question.... I came over in my right hand drive British car. Its fine now but can you recommend a good garage, not like the many British rip off ones we have in the UK?

13-04-2012, 22:55
The German mechanic 'Heiko' has been recommended a number of times, but I can't vouch for him myself. 922 734316 and 637 407444 main road to Guargacho, before Silencio turning.

Interesting pic of yourself Dave, a slightly Eastern vibe, reminiscent of a Muslim cleric, sort of religious chic, and the hint of a beard completes the biblical connection. Mind you many of the old soul singers were preachers as well 'can I have a witness and help me lord' so maybe there is a connection, but you must be drunk to see it. Anyway, very striking pic with strong graphics and good use of black and white.

13-04-2012, 23:09
Contact Mark, owner of Ashro Autos, who is a member on here. Just do a search of Ashro on this Forum and then decide which garage to go to! A no brainer.