View Full Version : Wanted Looking for a room to rent in Los Cristianos or Las Americas, Tenerife

14-04-2012, 21:07
hi i am moving to tenerife in the middle of may and im looking for a room to rent or flat share i have lived in tenerife before for 2 years and im wanting to move back as the grass isnt always greener lol. my limit would be around 300 p/m. Please pm me with any details thanks

21-04-2012, 15:26
hello we have two rooms to rent in a large 3 bed apartment in san eugenio - very convnient location, has internet fully furnished 250 euro plus share in bills normally quite cheap. views over volcano avaliable from 5th may need some1 to move in as soon as possible from this date. if interested please PM for images more info or viewing. thanks gemma

i think i have already mailed u but we are desperte for some1 now

28-04-2012, 16:56
hi there,

I kn0w,that its maybe t0 early,but i w0uld like t0 ask,if s0meb0dy kn0w ab0ut any r00m f0r rent in middle 0f June,begging 0f July? s0mewhere ar0und L0s Christian0s,Las Americas??
Any inf0rmati0n helps..thanks..


30-04-2012, 18:13
Tessa, a guy i know has a room for summer, centre Los Cris. Name is Ricky. Can message you his number.

01-05-2012, 03:25
that c0uld be great..thank you

01-05-2012, 14:00
Hi, I am currently in Tenerife and looking for an apartment to move in to in Las Americas. Or room mates to get an apartment with.

If anybody has a spare room or needs room mates please let me know.

03-05-2012, 12:59
Hi aylexsis, is your offer still on? It seems you have quite what I am looking for (check out my thread, just posted a new message there).

08-05-2012, 18:32
i have 1 room still to rent 250 a month all included with intternet too,, walking distance to las americas, next to the beach and supermarket pm me