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golf birdie
16-04-2012, 17:37
for those who think the grass is greener here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-17702226

Wheres the hope for the youngsters?

16-04-2012, 18:22
A high rate of unemployment does not bode well wherever it is. People get angry and desperate and who knows where they will lead.

Over the weekend I read an article that amongst other things the Spanish Govt is going to crack down on is fraud. I assume this means not paying tax on income. This will ripple outwards and some places, such as Tenerife, will also be affected, especially - should I say it? - foreigners who are a somewhat easier target.

It's just an idle thought, but one wonders who is pulling what strings when one section of foreign owners is targetted, yet walking the streets all day and all night are those selling fake watches etc. Some sections seem to have more 'disposable' income for Govt coffers!

16-04-2012, 18:28
The Jimmys are pulled over all the time and have their stuff taken off them.