View Full Version : Fiestas Who's going to the Los Realejos fireworks this year?

Finca Farmer
20-04-2012, 06:19
3rd May, the day after we arrive for a week's relaxation. DH and I both love fireworks so we'll be going, especially as from what we understand this is one of the biggest in Europe. So where's the best place to be? I'm not sure how it goes - can you just find a bar in the middle of the action to plonk yourself in (DH can't stand up for hours as a time)? We're staying in Puerto, will we be able to get a bus back afterwards or does it finish really late? Who on here is going, or have you all "been there, done that"?

It's so grey and miserable here in the UK lately, neither of us can wait...:sunbathe:

27-04-2012, 00:15
Hi Finca Farmer! I see that you have not yet been answered. I do know some people who hired a minibus to travel to and from this spectacular event a couple of years ago. I suggest you ask a travel agent or in a hotel to find out if any groups are going. I haven't googled but it could be that the Ayuntamiento de Los Realejos will have some info on their site or that of Puerto de la Cruz. I seem to remember that it was quite late in the evening. If you do go please photograph or video. I love the noise almost as much as the spectacle which is suppose to be phenomenal. Good luck.

Finca Farmer
27-04-2012, 06:12
Thanks Margaretta - we arrive on Wednesday so we have time to sort something out and look for a group that's going. It'll be so nice just to be warm!

27-04-2012, 10:41
Best place will be somewhere above the cloud that always arrives to spoil the display.Keep going up on the road above Los realejos in the direction of Icod del Alto and you should be OK.