View Full Version : Has anyone managed to get out of their Eze Group contract?

20-04-2012, 17:54
Has anyone successfully managed to get out of their Eze Group contract?

20-04-2012, 17:55
Good luck with that one...

20-04-2012, 18:09
Has anyone successfully cancelled their Eze Group contract? If so how did you go about it.

21-04-2012, 00:24
Have you read the full t & c,s, normally on the back of the purchase agreement but, I,ll say this to you one last time and hope it get,s thru'
In Spain, as with all EU countries there has to be a stipulated "cooling off" period and that will be mentioned in the smallest type in the t & c,s. In addition, presumably its not the canx. of the agreement you are interested in but, the deposit you laid down. Again, this comes under similar laws but cc companies have their own views on the action you should take. My worry is that you seem incapable of reading the advice which has already been given on this Forum dealing with such matters. Finally and it is. You may have passed the end time of any "cooling off" period?

21-04-2012, 08:44

Thank you verymuch for all yu help.