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13-06-2011, 00:19
Hi everyone,

We are trying to put together some proper advertising literature in order to promote the forum with a professional image, as it's not really had anything like that in the past.

I know this question has been asked before on the old forum, but I would appreciate some honest answers to find out how the forum has helped it's members... and if you could also give your blessing to let us use your quotes in our promotional material, that would be good too!

Just trying to raise cash to keep us online for good this time! :D

Thanks :)

13-06-2011, 00:28
I have learned more on the forum in a year than in all my visits spanning 20 odd years, From recommendations for Bars/restaurantes and places to visit and i have also met some great people on here,All in all it covers every aspect of Tenerife and is a mine of information.

13-06-2011, 03:49
The forum was instrumental in helping me with my decision to make Tenerife my first "Canary Island" destination. I got alot of information on excursions, where to go, what not to miss, and a general idea of the costs.


(p.s. you have my permission to quote me on this)

13-06-2011, 06:09
It helped me to plan a 2 week trip (I had not been for 10 years) so that when I got there I had a list of must see places and must do things all wiith first hand recommendations. On coming back I am going to stay 6 months each year in the future and it has been invaluble in helping me to plan this and who to contact for help if needed.

13-06-2011, 06:25
To me it's a real friend, a shoulder to cry on if the going gets tough, someone to laugh with over a virtual drink - as well as being a mine of information which was my original reason for joining. And thanks again to all of you who brought it back to life.

13-06-2011, 08:21
Itīs the first place I turn to for information as someone usually has the answer or knows where to look in a very short space of time. It has been a source of income, helping me to find work, and a source of inspiration and hope when everyone rallies round to support someone in need.

13-06-2011, 08:59
Even in my previous username on the 'old' forum I haven't posted on many threads but this site is the first one I open each day and continue to read posts throughout the day. It keeps me informed of what's happening and like an earlier poster said, you can plan excursions, nights out etc because of the frank reviews on the site.
Remember the couple who were burgled on their first night on holiday last year? then your members rallied round to ensure their stay was memorable for the right reasons - without this forum they would have always had a bad feeling about Tenerife.
You were first with the news of the horrific murder the other week.
I am looking forward to my next visit to the island and your site increases the 'yearning'. Keep it up, all of you, please!

13-06-2011, 09:27
Without the help and advice I received on this forum, I'm positive that our purchase of our own wee place in the sun would not have been as smooth and hassle free. From CIM's good advice on lawyers to use and everyone else's advice on estate agents to avoid, I reckon it saved us time and money and provided us with peace of mind.

If I need anything that my property management team can't provide, the forum is where I look for answers.

I also would not have the friends that I have made. The forum is my 'go to guy' and helps to keep me in touch with what's happening when I'm not there...!

Malteser Monkey
13-06-2011, 09:42
To me it's a real friend, a shoulder to cry on if the going gets tough, someone to laugh with over a virtual drink - as well as being a mine of information which was my original reason for joining. And thanks again to all of you who brought it back to life.

It helped me find the milk in Mercadona and gave me valuable info on what to store in my bidet:doh:

Also I have "met" a variety of very wise old folk:hole::p

13-06-2011, 10:22
It helped me find the milk in Mercadona and gave me valuable info on what to store in my bidet:doh:

Also I have "met" a variety of very wise old folk:hole::p

You forgot to mention ,stopped your OH from wearing Sandals with socks and a bum bag !!!

It gave me an outlet when times got a bit tough and lonely .....................all together AAAAAAAHHHH!!

13-06-2011, 10:37
It got me pulled up at work , caused by Forum addiction.. i have to be sneaky now...

Malteser Monkey
13-06-2011, 10:38
and speedos !

West mids tyke
13-06-2011, 14:25
this is the place that i checked to get loads of information about tenerife met loads of "virtual" friends and also met some forum people while we were on the island and now since the new forum has got up and running find it even more addictive and cant wait for our next visit in november :))

13-06-2011, 20:03
This most welcome continuation of the "Old" Forum means that My Dreams are Near reality.
I too have been able to find things and Places I knew little about until I ventured on Here.
I know I only have to ask and Others will answer, and "knowing" so many good People
is a big Plus for this Magical many facetted Island..

13-06-2011, 20:47
For me itīs Jimandsi! heīs made me realise just what a happy person I really am!:lol:

Ashro Autos
13-06-2011, 20:57
Just like searching on wikipedia but you get a response quicker and can understand most of the answers

Malteser Monkey
14-06-2011, 13:00
Just like searching on wikipedia but you get a response quicker and can understand most of the answers


14-06-2011, 13:23
I met a load of new people. In my search for CD Tenerife information I found the Armada Sur site and the football forum on here which led me to meet football fans who I probably wouldn't have met and made friends i probably wouldn't have.

14-06-2011, 20:28
its told me all I need to know about the ins and outs of the island (I hope) lol :hello:

welsh wendy
17-06-2011, 21:42
Excellent info & help on all matters given by nice people. I'm on the forum most days and it makes me feel closer to Tenerife until my next visit at Xmas:cheers:

17-06-2011, 22:00
not only as it been a great source of information i have met some really lovely people, many of them are at the end of the phone if i need them and believe you me, we all need that at times..........long may it continue to grow

17-06-2011, 22:01
The tenerife forum is always my first port of call for information on the paper trail, doctors, dentists, etc..
It has also helped raise the awareness of the many abandonded dogs here in Tenerife - like 'the port royale fiasco', & brought volunteers together to help catch & rehome them.

Only today The forum played a huge part in a year old doggy ' lucky' being re-homed after his owner died.

17-06-2011, 22:20
The forum is a mine of information. Someone is always around to answer your questions. From directions to entertainment venues. The best excursions, bars and restaurants. Also, living on the island, away from family and friends can get lonely. So, taking part in discussions, giving and receiving advice, helps you feel that you are in a community of friends.

18-06-2011, 13:02
loads of visitors and residents tips, advise and good comments ;) :)

18-06-2011, 16:18
It is the first place I go to find out any information I need regarding Tenerife.
It's Friendly Helpful (at times funny)
I found out more about what is needed when buying property and all the other info of what you need to do after.
Lots of things that the estate agents don't tell you.
Was lost when it went down

18-06-2011, 17:35
It provided a whole host of information, trueful and reliable, which made our move to Tenerife last October so much easier.

18-06-2011, 18:33
Hi the forum has gave me a great insight into life in Tenerife and all the good and not so good things about the south of Tenerife Rab :cool:

18-06-2011, 19:18
I found the Forum about 6 months before I moved to Tenerife. It's members gave me every piece of information I could possibly need regarding my move and about all the paperwork I would ever need, even to providing links so I could download the forms and have them filled out already for my arrival. Applying for and getting the paperwork was easy with the help of the Forum and it was something I managed to do myself with at the time no Spanish at all. I have never had to go anywhere else for an answer to any questions I have had since, you can ask any question, and I mean ANY question and there is always someone with the right answer. I think the Tenerife Tourist Board could learn a lot from the people on here ;)

Even though I am now four years into my move I still log on everyday to try and help people out if I can who are now in the same position that I once was and to see what all my 'friends' have been up to. TF is more than just a site with information about Tenerife, it is responsible for a lot of real friendships being made off the forum, and let's face it we can all do with friends when we move so far away from everything we have known

18-06-2011, 21:29
It beats the local newspapers!! :sailor2::lol::lol::lol:

19-06-2011, 11:59
Hi, where do I start??? The forum did a lot for me and it will do even more in the future!
This is the best way to get any kind of informations from curiosities to serious staff.
Each time I asked a question I always ad at list 5/6 answers and everyone is always ready to help.
I love it and I hope that the more I learn about the island the more I will be able to help others.
Right now it gave me very good tips on how to buys a flat here, how to rent it, how to get paperwork done.
I helped me to get a new laptop, to find a washing machine, I'm discovering right now how to get to Tenerife with my pet and my Motorbike....
It never stops!! There is always something that someone knows and that can help someone else!!!
I love it!!!


life is short
19-06-2011, 13:50
I am quite new to the forum and apart from my introduction this is my first post. I have to say that this forum is a very valuable resource. It provides a wide variety of information for people living in Tenerife, planning to live in Tenerife and those who want to holiday on this lovely island.

We are planning to move to Tenerife next year and it is so good to be able to read about everyone’s experiences, both good and bad. The forum provides an honest and realistic view of life on the island and lots of advice about moving to and living in Tenerife.

I think the forum is great :hat:

Pink shoes
22-06-2011, 20:03
In my old user name (Autumn26) and new the forum has helped so much!

I have made lots of new friends on line and have met a few in O'Jangles on meet up occasions.

On holiday in Tenerife I often get asked "how do you know that?"

The info is VERY GOOD from members. This holiday just gone I felt confident enough to use the bus with Bono card on several day trips.We even took the bus from LC to Santa Cruz. Then the tram to LA Laguna.(got a how do you know that from Oh when I said we could use the Bona card on the tram).

The "Tenerife Forum" community are so friendly and I would like to think if there was ever a problem whilst in Tenerife the members could be relied on for help with there local knowledge, hospitals etc.

22-06-2011, 21:14
The forum has helped me with loads of things from bus timetables, restuarants, places to stay and taxi advice amungst loads of other things. It gives me a chuckle with lots of the threads and comments and its made me cry with others. Its also made me very late for work on serveral occasions. I'd like to say thanks to everybody on here for all the useful info, and for making my spare (or not so spare!) time more enjoyable.

24-07-2011, 18:16
It beats the local newspapers!! :sailor2::lol::lol::lol:

And the soaps!............well actually No!:love:

24-07-2011, 18:27
The help on this forum has been incredibly valuable to us since we came tolive here. Help in moving, in all the bureacracy, and finding like minded souls most importantly!

24-07-2011, 18:58
If ever thereīs anything we are looking for or want to know OH says go and ask on the Forum! normally within an hour or so you get the reply you need! (like it or not ;)) Couldnīt be a better forum old or new!:jumping:

24-07-2011, 19:01
Anything I need to know about the Island is contained in Tenerife Forum - thanks to the input of all its great Members and the people behind the scenes. :)

Long may it continue. :)

24-07-2011, 19:28
I've met several charming new residents and visitors in person for a coffee or lunch whom I may not have otherwise known, as there aren't so many of us members here in the north.

I do check in daily, apart from reporting on the weather in the north to see if there's any local news that I may have missed.

And I always read anything new about lost and found pets, often a little teary-eyed and wishing I had a large farm so I could adopt them all!

But I already have four rescue cats so more are not possible.

Apart from that I like to hear what others are doing on the island, and being able to offer my experience - when needed - from living here so many years.


Malteser Monkey
24-07-2011, 19:54
CB's daily weather updates and what she's been eating, cooking etc. Lovely makes me....."home" sick xx Thanks everyone xx

24-07-2011, 22:22
The forum has helped us with information on:

travel (taxis, buses and car hire)
bureaucracy (residency, legal, taxes,)
apartment purchase

Without the help of members our home in Tenerife would have been much more difficult to achieve.:lots-jumping:

25-07-2011, 07:26
yes , i can say the same, as all the other post's -- great help in buying my little pad in the sun-- and also made a good few friends - keep up the good work--

28-07-2011, 14:25
great forum for people visiting tenerife.
if you cant find the info you need on here..........it prob aint worth knowing:wink2:

28-07-2011, 16:53
The Tenerife Forum has been great for me as I live half way up a mountain with only a few Tenerifian neighbours of which none speak English. Your Forum has helped me by answering many questions and I get to speak English again.

blue marlin
28-07-2011, 17:02
Kept me in touch with friends x

28-07-2011, 23:08
yes, the forum has kept us in the loop and I don't feel left behind on all the gossip, if we came back tomorrow it would be like we never left x

jack oakley
03-08-2011, 09:18
Tenerife Forum is Tenerife's unofficial 'search engine'. To the visitor and member alike it can be informative and interesting, it can be funny and infuriating, it can point you in the direction you want to go and point out the pitfalls along the way.
It is communal and it is global, it is a daily newspaper to some and a lifeline to others, above all it is addictive. Have you got 'Tenerife Forumitis' yet?. If you havn't you soon will, it's catching. Jack.O

03-08-2011, 10:00
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15-08-2011, 13:12
I am reasonably new to the forum, since I started using it I have been insulted, doubted, and called a spy, but I don't care, it is a wonderful site, easy to use, very informative etc. etc. etc., coming to Tenerife in three and half weeks, cannot wait, best to all you forum people, except for one or two people, regards Keith

15-08-2011, 13:41
I am reasonably new to the forum, since I started using it I have been insulted, doubted, and called a spy, but I don't care, it is a wonderful site, easy to use, very informative etc. etc. etc., coming to Tenerife in three and half weeks, cannot wait, best to all you forum people, except for one or two people, regards Keith

Ha Ha! that sounds like most forums K-pipe! from what I have read on here recently there was a spate of members registering with dual profiles which only they know why they needed to do that, but most people know who they are and it always settles down again. Very hot here at the moment so enjo y your hoilday:goodluck:!

25-08-2011, 12:40
We decided to visit Fuerteventura after reading a thread on the Forum we just returned yesterday and will revisit again. Thanks to the Tenerife Forum for the info