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Junior Donnelly
04-05-2012, 14:07
Hi there all!! Just new to the Forum and wanted to say Hola.
I intend to move to South Tenerife in late June for 2-3 months to experience a part of the Canaries. I coming over somewhat unsure - I suppose is the best way to put it.
Could anyone out there provide me with a bit of info.
1. Work - I'm easy to do anything, wash dishes, bartend, kitchenhand etc. - I've worked in hospitality for years, so I am experienced. My one big problem is that I'm only on a NZ Passport. Will this be a big problem?
2. Accom - I was going to book into a basic hotel for a week - and see if I could find people to share a flat with. Is this possible, Where would I look?
3. On my Own - Coming from London on my own as a backpacker. Are there many people there that are in the same situation?

Lastly I've read a few threads about the doom and gloom from the recession, but I'd still like to give it a go for a couple of months there at least. I speak intermediate Spanish after living in Madrid for a few months, but I'm no expert by any means!! London's doing my head in - too cold, too grey and I need to surf!! Anyone out there that can help - I'd be so appreciative.
THANK YOU. --Junior:

04-05-2012, 16:25
Hi Kiwi, welcome to the forum. I'll let our resident members answer your questions, they have more experience than me.:)