View Full Version : My son has lost his passport. Please look out for it

05-05-2012, 15:31
hi everyone my son has lost his passport and nie if found please contact me his name is Nicky Stevenson lives in costa del silenico thanks last time he had it when he went for a job in oasis bar in las americas if anyone round there could they pop in and ask please

05-05-2012, 17:04
have you got any info about where he lost it?

05-05-2012, 17:07
could be las Americas or costa del silenico thanks for your reply

05-05-2012, 17:44
thats a big area. maybe some more info such as areas or bars he visited would help.

Sunshine Hire
05-05-2012, 18:17
Have you reported this to the police ? If not i would rather sharpish

05-05-2012, 18:29
yes have reported it thanks

Added after 2 minutes:

will have to speak to my son later as i am in england let you know

have to speak to my son later as i am in england let you know

Added after 50 minutes:

he went for a job in oasis in las americas but not been back yet

Added after 3 minutes:

last time he had it he took it with him to oasis bar in las americas

07-05-2012, 09:37
does anyone know the bar owner in oasis bar and could ask him if he found the passport

19-05-2012, 14:36
??? :(::respect:

nurse ratchet
19-05-2012, 16:08
??? :(::respect:

and what is that supposed to mean????

19-05-2012, 19:25
not got a clue went for a cuppa grandkids playing with it

19-05-2012, 20:29
Surely your son has gone back to the bar to see if he dropped it ther.

If he hasnt why not

20-05-2012, 10:11
yes he has couple of times but not seen the bar owner

20-05-2012, 18:53
But he has asked in the bar if they have found it.