View Full Version : Relocation We are on our way ...!

07-05-2012, 10:27
Hello everybody!

We are on our way.
Currently in Milan with a small stop in Barcelona(just to visit) and tomorrow night we are on the island(and looking forward to it!)

What is the first thing a newbie should do on the island..?! :D


07-05-2012, 13:51
Go to the beach
As you are coming to live try not to get into holiday mode, put structure into your life from the begining

14-05-2012, 12:54
WE did it!

We are here and it is Great, we love it!

We now want to buy a car or a bike and start discovering the island in our free time.


14-05-2012, 21:33
There is a Facebook group called Flogg it who often have cars for sale

14-05-2012, 22:50
Ashro Motors, members on here (Mark is the owner), will help you in any possible way. The number of very satisfied clients of Ashro Motors who have originated from this Forum is amazing. Just Phone Mark or pm him, oh no you might not have enough stats to use the pm methos). If you need any help just ask away and I,ll try to help you.