View Full Version : Other Can anyone recommend an international shipping company in Tenerife?

11-05-2012, 23:48
advice needed,. i would like to arrange the transport of a couple of items that belonged to my late father who lived in the south of france to my home here in tenerife.

does anybody know how i could do this - the total weight is around 35 kilos and the items would need to be crated in france for transportation.

i have had a quote for air freight but the cost was astronomical.

the items concerned do have a financial value as well as a sentimental value and would have to be insured accordingly.

if anyone has any suggestions or experience i would genuinely be most grateful

thanking you

12-05-2012, 00:59
Try Universal Exports, telephone 922 720 711, or movil 609 528 250. :goodluck: