View Full Version : Budget Pizza and Pasta

13-06-2011, 14:39
Got some friends who are over on a budget holiday and are fancying pizza and pasta for tea tonight.

Any recommendations???

I would have initially suggested Bianco Duo for the lunchtime special but that finishes before 5.......................


13-06-2011, 15:08
Best pizza to be found on the island is in El Camison, it's just underneath Udalla Park, no seats inside and just about 8 tables outside. It's authentic Italian pizza, made my italians and the place is always packed with Italians, prices start from 1.50€ a slice, they do take away but don't do pasta, best pizza I've ever tasted, can thoroughly recommend it.

13-06-2011, 15:32
looks like thats where we will go!!! Any idea of the name as there are a few italian looking places down there?

13-06-2011, 21:03
Probably a bit too late but I don't think it has a name to be honest! There are two on that side beside each other, the one I mean just has a kind of hot food counter inside (nothing else!) and outside are metal tables and chairs, it's basic but the pizza is to die for. It's next door to the supermarket, if you're heading towards Los Cristianos from El Camison it's on the right hand side going up, just past CC Abora.