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16-05-2012, 18:13

I am looking to buy a second hand car and would just like a bit of advice on how to check that the car is ´legit´ so to speak.
I have heard that if you get stopped by the police you need to show them the paperwork for the car....what is this paperwork?
Also is there any way of doing the equivilant of a HPI check?

Basically any advice would be great as I am clueless to what paperwork is required and have heard that there could be fines outstanding on the car that the previous owners have not paid?

Many thanks in advance.

Also if anybody is selling a small car, something along the lines of a Clio, Corsa Fiesta etc please let me know.

25-05-2012, 01:53
Hopefully those more knowledgeable than I, will be along shortly to advise you. I believe that in order for you to even buy a car, you need to apply for a Empadronamiento, or Padron (that's assuming you don't have Residencia, which I imagine would be sufficient)

I don't think they have a HPI check on Tenerife, they may have something like it on the mainland, you could try Googling.

You be would wise to employ one of the companies here on the island that specialise in processing the tedious paperwork invoved in car sales, mind you if you buy from a showroom I believe that do it for you.

Whoever you employ should check to see if there are outstanding speeding, parking, traffic, infringments, fines, hire purchase, bank loans, all unpaid and relating to the car. If you buy the card you also buy the debt. And a good mechanic to check it out wouldn't come amis.

There is someone on this website who provides this service, my memory fails me as to her name, the company is called something like 'The one stop shop ? . . .actually that's not quite the name, but summat like that. You could also get them to advise you about getting a Padron or whatever.

Failing that you could always employ a Spanish Gestor, they offer similar services, many speak English and their very up on all things Tenerifian.

Added after 50 minutes:

The name of the company is 'The one stop problem shop' and Goldenmaniac is one of the posters here on TF who works for them. So Google them, and get their number.

25-05-2012, 06:44
As far as i´m aware you can´t transfer a name on a car now with out-standing monies owed on it, i think it flags up on Traffico´s computers,,,,, someone maybe able to correct me if this is not correct x

25-05-2012, 11:03
I believe that it is not able to be transferred even if the road tax isn't up to date, there is a certificate required to say that it has been paid by the town hall and that needs to be taken to Trafico too.

25-05-2012, 11:42
I'm selling my Volkswagen Polo, if you look it up under "car & transport" or "for sale" you can see the details and pics, pm if you are interested, thanks

25-05-2012, 13:08
i bought mine from motorworld in costa silencio and they did all the paperwork which is a nightmare if you do not speak spanish

25-05-2012, 14:03
Depends on What You are looping for and What You budget is but a look al Motorworlds web site or pop in and see they.They do all The necesary paperwork and can do Thia even if You do not buy from they.There is a similarthing ti a HPI checo and Emma at Motorworld can do Thia for youznd response is normally with in 24 horas sometimos quicker.As I nave said Manu times befo re NEVER part with and money útil You hace has The car checked out First nomatterwhat asustan es You may be viven buy The sellar.This should not applywhen buying from a refutable dealer.pm me if You want and moré specific info and good luck

30-05-2012, 19:10
I'm thinking of buying a used car to use in Tenerife. Do I have to get any documents beforehand?

I'm in Marina San Miguel near Golf del Sur, any suggestions on dealers?

[EDIT] How odd, I didn't reply to this, it was a new thread as my questions were not really related.

31-05-2012, 11:15
I've worked with the UK motor industry for the past 12 years. I tried to find a second hand car on Tenerife for my mother-in-law who is planning to spend half the year on the island once she retires. I struggled to find any main dealer websites let alone used car dealers (other than Motorworld who seem to be years ahead of the competition). Is this a problem that anyone else is finding when they look for used vehicles or am I just looking in the wrong place?