View Full Version : Relocation I'm thinking of relocating to Tenerife and need advice

25-05-2012, 18:20
Hello anyone out there! I am in need of guidance about Tenerife because I am thinking seriously of relocating there from Italy after living here foe 13 years! The time has come for me to make a change & why not Tenerife!!!? I have been racking my little fingers to the bone via the net & I just can't get the answers needed. I know I have to 1st come & give it a try etc. But as I said earlier I really need some sincere guidance in a lot of areas! So, if there's anyone willing & has the time to do so PLEASE contact me! OK? Baboo:dontknow:

nurse ratchet
25-05-2012, 18:31
Have a look at this thread