View Full Version : I'm going daily to Santa Cruz. Does anyone need a ride?

17-06-2012, 20:02
Starting Monday, June 18, until August 3, I am driving every weekday between Playa San Juan and Candelaria Hospital in Santa Cruz.

I will be leaving Playa San Juan each day at 2.30 pm and will be leaving Candelaria for the return at approx 4.30 , so back in Playa San Juan for about 5.30pm

If anyone needs a lift there or there and back during these times please send me a PM with your contact details and I will call you to arrange to meet on the way (there or back).

I don't mind doing a short diversion via say Carrefour, Media Markt, Decathlon or IKEA if anyone needs to do some quick shopping up there

Note: Wednesday June 20, for one day only, I'll be leaving Playa San Juan at 09.30

21-06-2012, 14:26
It really appealed to me but unfortunately I leave much earlier and return later
It is a lovely thought

21-06-2012, 18:11
It really appealed to me but unfortunately I leave much earlier and return later
It is a lovely thought

Understand but if you ever need a "back-up" over the next 5 weeks , just let me know, Kirsty has my numbers.

21-06-2012, 21:35
It's a great offer you've made and I'm amazed you haven't been swamped with people fancying a shopping trip to the north. If I were there at the moment I would have loved to have taken up your offer as I often think about that shopping trip, but never seem to get around to it !

29-06-2012, 10:33
Thanks to this Forum someone is now getting a daily lift back from Santa Cruz.

I've still room for another passenger though.

No charge of course

30-06-2012, 21:43
What a lovely offer, garlicbread! If I was in the reef at the moment (instead of paddling through the remnants of the Great North Storm) it would be great to have a shopping trip....like candy2411 I never seem to get round to it!

12-07-2012, 22:42
I'm still going daily and the offer is still open.

17-07-2012, 12:16
Just "bumping" this 'cos I'm still offering a daily lift to Santa Cruz

06-05-2014, 21:50
How kind of you to offer this. What a good example to set for everyone. We are lucky to have so many nice people on the forum living in here in Tenerife.

Good for you garlicbread !!!!!

Malteser Monkey
05-06-2014, 09:27
I am planning, how I should contact you; please provide me your contact number that will be helpful for me.

Just to let you know that this kind offer was back in 2012 and may not now stand....but who knows