View Full Version : Is anyone else having problem with water pressure in south Tenerife?

14-06-2011, 10:53
Normally in the height of summer our water pressure goes really low for a couple of hours from about 10a.m. in the morning and around 5-6pm in the evenings. Last night it went to a trickle in the kitchen and absolutely nothing upstairs from around 5pm until nearly midnight when it came back full blast and everyone managed to grab a shower. We have got up this morning and again there is nothing anywhere in the house, not even a trickle.
The nightmare is that we can drink the water up here so I don't buy it, the only thing I have is a couple of bottles that I fill and put in the fridge so it is cold for drinks, however they are being used for my coffee at the moment :lol:. But it's really doing my head in now, can't put the washing on, can't wash up, can't even shower:mad::mad:

Does anyone else have this problem with water pressure or is it because we live in the hills.

Added after 2 Hours 48 minutes:

haha our water has just gone from zilch to full blast and I have been running round the house turning almost every tap and the showers off, thanks kids:fryingpan:

14-06-2011, 14:54
Fine all day in the Valle Jackie. :crossfingers:

14-06-2011, 16:34
Fine here as well now don't know what the problem was

15-06-2011, 06:31
I used to have the same problem but gave up in the end and fitted a water pump I think it cost about 65€ and it has cured the problem

15-06-2011, 12:49
Having read the title I was going to suggest try Tamsulin but maybe not for the issue noted:eyebrows:;)