View Full Version : WANTED in Tenerife: Fish tank

14-06-2011, 14:02
hi i am looking for a glass fish tank, to home cold water fish.
not too small, and not too expensive.
if anyone has 1 or knows anyone that is selling one please pm me
thank you so much

14-06-2011, 14:11
I have one which I keep meaning to sell on here! I have just pm'd you.

16-06-2011, 18:37
Hi, I have a plastic tank 50cm long x 30cm high x 26cm deep, complete with top and flourescent light for 20€ if you are interested.

20-06-2011, 21:32
Did you find one?

I have one for sale it is 60cm in length, 40 cms wide and 36 cm in depth and includes a stylish two tone grey stand.

Comes complete with everything you need, including heater, filter, light, glass lid, plants and most important of all about 20 tropical fish.

Will take 100 for the lot. :)