View Full Version : (Some) drivers in Tenerife make me sick!

mike in chayofa
29-06-2012, 13:23
I don't know whether I mentioned it but I smashed the door of the car a few months ago on a supporting pillar in the underground car park at Mercadona in Cabo Blanco. It was my own fault, I just didn't see it. Anyway, it cost me 650€ to have it repaired, but it was my own stupid fault and the car looked brill.

Anyway, on Wednesday I cleaned the car (although it's now covered with sand again) and it looked really smart. I went to Las Chafiras to do some shopping and parked outside 'Worten'. Also went to Master Chafiras and Las Afortunadas whilst I was there.

When I came out, I noticed that someone had run into the front of the car. I was furious.

Imagine my horror when I went to open the boot to find that someone had also run into the back of it!!!

29-06-2012, 13:42
Well sorry to hear of your bad luck mate......but i remember one bit of advice when it comes to parking a car ....don't go for the first space try and park it next to the newest car or the most expensive one.

29-06-2012, 14:45
I,m just waiting the delivery of a set of running boards to try to prevent side on damage in car parks. tbh I,ll park outside of car parks if there are available end to end spaces and not side to side, which I hate.
Mike truly sorry to read of damage done to your car. Have to say if it had been me I,d have claimed on the Insurance and then claimed again for the second lot of damage. Heck the loss of no claims. The damage is now and the costs are now. Don,t know if I,ll be alive next year!

penelope pitstop
29-06-2012, 16:05
So sorry to hear of the damage to your car.
We bought a new car when we lived over there. It ended up with so many bumps & scratches, most done by others when it was parked! So annoying. You only have to look at a lot of cars over there to see how rife vehicle damage is. Such a shame.
Can you get car insurance over there which offers you a protected no claims option? If you can, it maybe worth seeing if you could add it on, or adding it at the next renewal.

30-06-2012, 13:34
someone drove into the side us once and the police drew the diagram wrong on the insurance paper, and our insurance company said they wouldn't make the other drivers pay for it.... until I emailed all the photographs i'd taken before the police turned up.... harumph, and OH is Canarian and SIGNED the insurance claim form with badly drawn diagram grrrr he's such a soft get...... anyways, whenever we see the bloke, we always hope that he hits the other side so we can get all the cratches and bumps resprayed on that side too(from kiddies bicycles we recokon)... but agree, we hate drivers that bump you then drive off... when we had our old car, a lorry must have been reversing and scratched so bad the side of our car that there was actually an inch gap above the petrol tank hole where he'd gouged it out with his lorry... barstuard drove off, and no witnesses :twak:

30-06-2012, 14:15
Well sorry to hear of your bad luck mate......but i remember one bit of advice when it comes to parking a car ....don't go for the first space try and park it next to the newest car or the most expensive one.

That's exactly what we do! then when you return to the car instead of the bright shiny BMW that was there next to yours there's a 15 year old beaten up Renault Kangoo which is parked so close to your car that you need a tin opener to get out! BAH!!!:wall:

Athough Mercadona don't do BOG off's in the store they do in the their car parks there's always one car parked in two spaces!:D

17-09-2012, 01:51
hi every one i must contribute to this thread i live in the uk and im a driving instructor (for two years and a lorry driver for 32 years ) so with all my training in driving on cars and lorrys you have to admit i must have seen it all by now but every day i see something new. So just to put your minds at rest the bad and selfish drivers dont only live in tenerife/spain/france we do actually have them over here in the uk as well.the standard of driving just gets worse all the time here,so when people say the spanish drive like idiots it just begs the question WHAT ABOUT THE BRITS they not so good either.So honestly guys you are not alone in suffering bad drivers.

17-09-2012, 05:42
Sorry about your car, but at least it was some sort of accident ( they just didnīt hang around ) or maybe they just couldnīt drive, imagine my shock horror after i got my NEW car in Feb and i got up one morning in June to go to work and some git had pinched my ariel and used it to put huge great scratches down one side and the bonet, now that is fricking annoying ggggrrr