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10-07-2012, 08:07
Hauliers and other transport professionals in the Canary Islands begin a strike of indefinite duration today.

The carriers have decided to increase the pressure after the mass rally on April 12, which caused real problems in the centre of the Santa Cruz met with a total lack of response from the Executive.

That strike lasted just a few hours and affected only goods transports, both school and public buses were excluded.

The strike, which begins today and is planned to carry on until the 15th, will not include hauliers carrying perishable goods and pharmaceuticals, nor passengers to and from the airport or regular public services. Sightseeing tours are suspended for the time being.

The president of the Hauliers’ Association, Ignacio de la Paz, said that if the Canary Islands Government fails to respond quickly, the strike will continue “as long as necessary.”

De la Paz went on to say .....


10-07-2012, 09:10
The strike was supposed to be on today. I have friends whose lorries didnt go out but there are a fair number of lorries on the TF1 this morning and Sierra Gonzalez have their buses out

11-07-2012, 16:36
The president of the Tenerife Hauliers’ Association, Ignacio de la Paz, announced that the strike which affected goods and travellers in the island has been called off today

His membership have decided today to give a vote of confidence to the Canarian government, leaving them to keep their promises and intercede with the state authorities.

Paz, acknowledged that a few days will be needed for them to fulfil theses commitments, but added that failure to do so would result in the transport workers resuming industrial action.

He also confirmed that negotiations continue in Las Palmas concerning the problems that carriers are having with long delays in payment on the part of the Port Authority.

For their part the autonomous government has agreed to request that the Ministry of Public Works looks into tachograph use currently in force in the islands, as well as increasing inspections aimed at combating unfair or illegal competition and delay the changes to braking system testing at ITV stations .........

11-07-2012, 17:08
on canary weekly said this on facebook just now. The road transportation sector in Tenerife and across the Archipelago began an indefinite strike today, in an attempt to force a response from the Canarian Government.
The sector is up in arms over the reduction in the school bus budget, creating a loss of jobs, the negative impact of fuel prices and several technical issues.
Unaffected by the strike, expected to last until at least July 15th, will be public services, airport transfers for tourists to and from their hotels and the transport of perishable goods and pharmaceuticals.

even i went to two diffenect phamaries today in los cristanos and guaza to get my dad meds. and i ask both shops are they going on strike tomorrow? in los cristanos by hiper trebol supermarket didnīt even know and they call santa cruz about it and they didnīt know about a strike. so i ask guaza and the lady didnīt know either. she call her boss who work in the mornings and he didnīt know either.

11-07-2012, 18:06
That was yesterday's news Henry its off again today, unless of course its back on again tomorrow:crylaughing: