View Full Version : Other Does anyone know of a guitar teacher in Tenerife?

13-07-2012, 16:08
Our 10 year old lad had lessons in the uk, now needs lessons here to keep it up, does anyone know of anyone?

13-07-2012, 16:25
It depends where you are. Tenerife is a big island, there's no point me recommending someone in Las Americas if you live in Puerto de la Cruz ;) I know a couple of people in different locations. Where are you?

13-07-2012, 17:07
Lol! Yes thats does make sense...sorry. We will be living in Los christianos area...but will travel if the teacher cant make it to us if that makes sense?

13-07-2012, 17:50
Contact Pip Brown entertainer, nice guy and teaches guitar.

13-07-2012, 17:57
Contact forum member, irishmusico via PM. He used to do lessons... not sure if he still does, but there's no harm in asking :) He is reasonably close by - not going to say exactly where on the open forum though :)

16-07-2012, 15:49
Thanks Kirsty. PM sent. :)