View Full Version : 'Mention' your friends in posts on the Tenerife Forum

13-07-2012, 18:13
I have just installed a little plugin that works a bit like the facebook 'mention' system. If you mention another user in a thread and preceed their username with the '@' symbol, it will automatically link to their user profile and inform them of the mention via the notifications tab at the top of the forum.

This will benefit the forum and its members in two ways... if you are having a discussion and you want to include your friend, if you mention them they will be alerted to the discussion which they could have missed otherwise.... for example if you need to alert a post to a moderator... slodgedad & KirstyJay ;)

If you want to recommend another forum member's business, such as Ashro Autos for cars, or CIM for properties ;) then doing so will both give the person a link to PM them directly, and also inform the person you've recommended of your mention, so they can thank you accordingly :)

Have a go... see if you like it, and post any comments here.

13-07-2012, 18:15
Thanks for mentioning me admin, I was alerted to this post! :D

13-07-2012, 18:44
Ed3229 Coz im billy no mates:(