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16-07-2012, 23:23
OK so I got passed 2 fake 50 euro notes, and am very upset.

Banked 900 euros into the machine at La Caixa, 100 euros came back out !!!!!!!!

WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!


So now I know how to spot a fake and am passing this valuable info to all members.


Turn the note over, botton right hand corner should be a "purple" 50.

NOW tip the note away from u, if the 50 goes brown its genuine.

IF it stays PURPLE, its a FAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please see attached my "FAKE PHOTOCOPIED NOTES" sent to the police fm the bank.

NOW I am 100 euros down.

SO DONT BE CAUGHT OUT CHECK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Applies to 50 100 200 500 euro notes only ......................

Also please observe the number of sequence is the same, all notes have individual numbers that are never repeated ...............

sorry attachment never took .................

16-07-2012, 23:32
If you don't have a UV machine to check the notes, you can also get a pen that checks that at least it is genuine bank paper for about 3.

Other things to check are the little "scratch" pad on the 50 note, it should feel corrugated, and the holograms should change. On 20's & 50s also the amount can be read on the metal strip going through the note.

Can be difficult to spend the time when you are busy to check the notes, but once you have been caught out it makes you check. I know cos I've been caught out in the past too:doh:

17-07-2012, 14:09
the pen is your best bet, it leaves a great big black line if they are false notes .... shame you don't know who gave you the notes... i'd have a word with them, as I bet they knew....

17-07-2012, 14:19
Checking the silver strip is a good first check if you have no other means.