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19-07-2012, 12:46
Hi Everyone
My husband and I are thinking of making the move to tenerife(south) next year. I have been reading with great interest all the helpful posts on this forum and thought it was about time i registered!! I am a State Registered podiatrist here in the UK and have my own practice. My aim is to set up my own practice in tenerife but obviously concerned about the economical climate over there. My husband is hoping to find work out there too but only speaks limited spanish so im guessing it wouldnt be easy to secure a job. He is currently in steel sales over here so would be relatively unskilled for any job in tenerife. On paper it seems a crazy idea to pack everything up over her and start again in Tenerife but life is for living and think we need a new adventure :) Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I think I may need all the help I can get !!!!!
thanks in advance xx Marie

19-07-2012, 14:32
You need to make sure you've got a lot of cash behind you and a backup plan in case things go wrong, as it will take you at least a year to set up your business, get all your paperwork done and build up a client base for your business and as you say, your husband will be unskilled in Tenerife terms, so you cannot rely on him finding a job straight away... or at all, in the current economic climate. Unemployment is about 30-40% here.

You didn't say if you spoke Spanish... as if you don't, I'd suggest you start taking lessons, because it'd be shortsighted to think you can move and set up a business in a foreign country without a minimal grasp of the language. :)

offshore diver
24-07-2012, 22:04
Hello there if your husband is involved in the steel business if you go to the twi website a training company in middlesbrough north uk, they runinspection courses at all levels incl offshore divers and the qualifications are the recognised standard whether onshore or offshore , there are jobs all over incl libya 1 month on 1 month off, have a look and to any young guys looking to get offshore there is a 1 month roughnek course run in montrose scotland, with a lot of guys due to retire there s going to be a big shortage of offshore drilling personel so if yr 21 fit and strong go offshore forget about trying to get a bar job in tenerife to get offshore as a roustabout all you need is an opito offshore survival course which you can do in aberdeen at the rgit centre and some slinging experience with a crane anyway good luck to you with your move to tenerife