View Full Version : Diving Great night dive in Tenerife

31-07-2012, 17:23
The Ayuntamiento de Arona have organised an event to have the biggest number of divers to participate in a night dive from Los Cristianos beach at 9pm on Saturday 4th August. This event is free.
Divers must be qualified and have insurance.

Enroll online at www.marineinnova.com/

Ayuntamiento link: http://www.arona.org/portal/fact_d4_v1.jsp?contenido=45914&nivel=1400&tipo=2

Who's going????

Next Door
07-08-2012, 13:06
Last time I went on a night dive at Los Cris beach it took forever for my eyes to adjust & I couldn't find my buddy. I suddenly spotted him & grabbed a hold only to realise I had grabbed onto the wrong fat baldy!! A nice Dutchman who didn't seem to mind thank goodness!!