View Full Version : Running, jogging friends required in south Tenerife

Dave Social
06-08-2012, 12:59

Up till a year ago. I was a member of a running club in the UK. I've been out here for three months and only just started running again and its hard work! especially on your own. Im a 'vet' runner so not fast anymore!
I'm 50 years old and just want to do some easy stuff and see how it goes.

Most of my life I was a competitive runner racing on track, off road & road.

If you have room for another runner I would be grateful if I could run alongside.

I'm living on the Golf Del sur and have transport.

PS also love snorkling, so maybe join up to do that too if you wish.


01-08-2013, 15:40

Are you still running?

I am coming over for a couple of weeks and wouldnt mind some running company. I am training for an ironman which takes place in October. I am staying in the adeje area and have a car. I have ran from the gulf before as it is flatter and more breezy than where I am based.