View Full Version : Join the 'Tenerife Se Mueve' movement. Please sign this important petition

06-08-2012, 15:38
Tenerife se mueve is a movement being promoted on the island to try to stop the EU from keeping Tenetife out of their transeuropean transport arena. Without this status there is a possibility the island will be seriously marginized
Amongst other difficulties it will raise transport costs increasing the price if almost everything we buy. It will add to the loss of jobs which is already affecting the island and is expected to affect the numbers of tourists arriving on the island
Thee is a petition at
Which is in Spanish but google translate will give you a translation
I really think this is important and worth spending a few minutes to have a look

06-08-2012, 18:11
Thee is a petition at
www.change.org/es/petitiones/defiende-el-futuro-de-tenerifeThe link didn't work...?

07-08-2012, 17:42
My fault