View Full Version : How easy is it to use 100 notes in Tenerife?

12-08-2012, 14:12
Hi folks,

My wife and I will be on holiday in Tenerife last 2 weeks of September. We bought our euros through and online currency exchange company. We had a good exchange rate, but unfortunately, they sent me 6 x 100 notes.

How easy (or difficult) are they to spend in the shops? We usually do our grocery shopping at mercadona; are they happy to take the notes? Would I need ID to spend them here?

Thanks in advance,


12-08-2012, 14:40
I have had no problems with 100 euro notes. I have used them in the shops, garages e.t.c.. You should be fine with this amount.

12-08-2012, 14:44
You won't have any problem using them in Mercadona or other big supermarkets. You could also change them in the banks for 50's o 20's.
You don't need ID to pay by cash, even if they were 200 or 500 notes.

12-08-2012, 14:52
Thanks folks for your prompt replies! I couldn't remember if there were problems using such large notes.

Roll on 14th September for our annual 2 weeks in beautiful Tenerife!