View Full Version : Twitter ye carefully

13-08-2012, 14:09
A website which crawls your Twitter feed to guess where you live and then publishes your address has led to controversy online - and an apparent overload of its servers.

WeKnowYourHouse.com advertised that it was able to scan location data from your Tweets, and cross-reference the information which instances of the word 'home'.

The result is that every tweet reading 'Just got home, time for a cup of tea' - or something similarly banal - could be picked up and used to tell the world where you live.

But after only a few hours the site appeared to have crashed.

The site claimed that it was just a "social experiment" but attracted the ire of users on Reddit, who pointed out that in order to "opt out" of the site you had to give it permission to access your tweets and other information.

As a result, it's probably best to avoid the site altogether - and be careful when you Tweet with location data turned on.

It is also possible to delete all location data from previous Tweets in Twitter, under "Settings > Accounts".