View Full Version : do I need to renew my NIE certificate to buy a car in Tenerife?

graham smith
15-08-2012, 15:04
Is it true that I have to renew my NIE certificate,I got mine in 2010 & am thinking of buying a car,I believe I need the NIE & a Padron Municipal in order to buy a car

15-08-2012, 16:00
If it's of any help my old NIE of 2003 was accepted but I did need a current Certificate de Empadriamento (sorry might be incorrect spelling) This was to buy a new car from a main dealer a few years ago. I have since used my old NIE (White sheet of paper) for a couple of small business transactions recently and it has been accepted without any problem!

15-08-2012, 18:13
I needed my NIE and an invoice/bill with name and address on. Was told by Gestor that I needed a Certificate de Empadriamento. However, when visiting the Town Hall in Adeje, the young lady there said it was not necessary and gave me her name and telephone to pass on to the Gestor. Car purchased and registered with traffico without any problems.

15-08-2012, 18:16
You only require an empadronamiento if you are changing your address from what is in Trafico records or it is different from your residence certificate or NIE

15-08-2012, 18:38
This sounds a little like the paper driving licence thread!:spin: Conflicting info! my address at Trafico for my first vehicle was different to the address I was living at when I purchased the new car so I would think Goldenmaniac (whos is qualified to give the information) is right and that is why I was asked for a new certificate of Empadronamiento (not NIE) it only cost me a few centimos and a 15 minute wait to get this certificate so worth getting but I think it is only valid for 6 months or something?