View Full Version : Wanted Couple looking to apartment share in south Tenerife from 24th September, 2012

17-08-2012, 15:15

We are looking to flat share with anyone who would be interested, we have lived in Tenerife for 1 month now and our contract is up next month (24th september) for our apartment we would be looking to apartment share in las americas and areas close by.



31-08-2012, 15:54
greetings i`m looking for some one to have as a flat mate(s) if you are still looking please pm location valle san lorenzo 10 mins from los cristianos/ americas

04-09-2012, 21:34
we have a 3 bed 2 bath appartment you can take other from 1st week in october and can move in from the 24th... be 50 euro from 24th to 3-8th octobr then 600 deposit + rent. you can sub let the 2 spare rooms making you rent anything from 50-200 euro pm pm me if your interested x