View Full Version : Relocation I am thinking of moving to Tenerife in 2 months. Where are the best places to live?

25-08-2012, 09:18
Hello everyone:)
I'm an Italian girl willing to move to Tenerife in couple months... I've been there i n1998, places were different and times were different..so now I would ask which are the best places to live..the best cities or towns in the countrysides..where u can find the mostly wanted jobs and places for hobbies like surfing,snorkeling,rock climbing..
Please let me know which can be my next home:)
Thanks a lot and have all a good day:)

27-08-2012, 07:56
I think north suburban places except Menzeh, Manar, Nasr which are regarded as Top quality places, are excellent for foriegners who look for financial lifestyle and cost-effective costs and in one time want to know more about tunisian lifestyle and check out typical monuments and many wonderful locations on the area of Carthage. Places where are near to tunis town center like Belvedere or Omrane are excellent also.

Hmmm, very informative, except francyfra09 is thinking of moving to Tenerife not Tunisia.

Times are very difficult at the moment. There are no areas which are rich in jobs. If you do decide to come, bring a lot of cash to see you through the first 6 months.

It might be easiest to join in the Italian community to get work in the first instance. This is in the south in the Las Americas area.

Anyway, good luck.

27-08-2012, 10:09
Thank you very much!:)