View Full Version : Tax Moving to Tenerife South, Help setting up a business, accomodation etc

25-08-2012, 21:45
Hi Everyone,

I'm looking to move to tenerife in the next few weeks, I've been here plenty of times and It's definatley where I want to spend the next 6 or so months

I just have a few questions, if someone would take to time to help me, It would be much appreciated.

There's a few things I need:

I need to register a business, open a business bank account (EUR) and a paypal account there - Is this possible for a UK citizen, or are the steps I can take?
Any British accountants based on the island?
I want to get a decent apartment, say 2-3 bedrooms. I've read a lot of horror stories here regarding rentals, Is there a rental agency that everyone preffers?
What is the best area to live? I want somewhere nice with a bit of life but I dont want to be living next to scum

Ive had a look around for the answers but I'd preffer to hear from someone whos been-there-done-that so to speak

Cheers! :D

26-08-2012, 10:13
If you read round the posts in this Living in Tenerife sub forum, you will find that most of the information you seek is already posted by people who have been there & done it!:wink:

Forum member Goldenmaniac is the go to person for a lot of your information as well, as her website is a font of all knowledge of Tenerife!