View Full Version : What are the charges for Banca March accounts?

30-08-2012, 16:20
We are currently thinking of purchasing property in GDS and need to open a bank account. I believe the only bank left in San Blas is Banca March

Could anyone provide me with a list of charges (or link to the page on their website for charges) for operating a current account with Banca March or any better alternatives.

Also we will need to transfer money to pay for the the property and would be grateful to know the charges levied by banks for receiving funds. I have heard it can be around 0.5%

I know that there are previous posts but current up to date information would be appreciated



30-08-2012, 17:46
Hi Barryk,we own an apartment on the golf so welcome,our bank charges 8e per quarter for a current account,we use ukforex to transfer money they charge £6 per transaction but we do not have any charges from our bank. hope this helps, tony

30-08-2012, 17:58
Hi, when we purchased in Dec 2010 we opened a Lloyds International account in PDLA and a Halifax account at home. Only charges €25 euros a year for lloyds account. Transfers from Halifax to Lloyds are free, although exchange rate a bit lower. We used hifx to transfer the big money to Lloyds and saved about£1000 on normal exchange rates. Both accounts operate online so we have only had to pop into Lloyds in PDLA a couple of times so it hasn't mattered that it's not near where we are based. We even managed to set most of the Lloyds account up from the Uk and finalised a few bits when we flew over.

10-02-2016, 18:17
Many thanks, just checked and my DD for community charge has been paid ok

11-02-2016, 00:14
Bancamarch March have now closed its branch in San Blas. It has amalgamated with the Las Galletas branch.

11-02-2016, 18:44
I have read in some posts that BBVA have an internet account with no charges. May be worth a look