View Full Version : Recommendations for shipping companies. UK to Tenerife

31-08-2012, 21:54
Moving in jan-feb time. Can anyone recommend a shipping company for us to bring some of our worldly goods- not at a crippling price though lol


31-08-2012, 23:03
We used TC Freight in Feltham London

The cost was very low and we were very happy with there service.
What I did was hire a van and built a box in the van (because of the weight when it was full)

After I had filled the box I drove to to their depot and they forklifted the box off the van and then I picked it up from Santa Cruz a couple of weeks later...... BUT

It does involve a lot of paperwork so I would recommend a door to door service that TC also offer. It is more expensive but it saves a lot of headaches.

Remember mark the shipping value of goods to a minimum as you will be taxed on the amount (I think it's 5%) this really stung us when we went to pick up our stuff.

Other people will probably recommend Universal exports based here but I myself have had no experience of them

01-09-2012, 12:53
Are you absolutely sure you want to bring your worldly goods? Having done it ... and it was expensive, particularly the extra local taxes calculated on an abacus by someone vindictive and which were as much of a surprise to the shipping company as they were to us ... quite a lot of our furniture is sitting in our garage. OH and I are in agreement now (after the event, of course) that it would have been cheaper to have sold our furniture in the UK, travelled light, and bought new here. Just a thought.