View Full Version : I have just watched the prgramme, 'A mother's son'...

05-09-2012, 22:06
just watched the programme a mothers son, i thought it ended well with the mother still loving her lad, because even though he killed someone he seemed like a nice lad, but does that cut it with the parents of the murdered girl? what would you do as a parent if faced with the same dilema???

06-09-2012, 00:06
yeah it was fab!!!!!!!!!!!

06-09-2012, 00:13
A mothers love is unconditional, i would certainly be put in a bad situation if it was my son,thats one situatation i hope i am never put in, i love my son but and i cant compriend him doing this but it only takes a minute to turn into someone else when you have had a few drinks or something else..:spin: and thats it your whole life has changed in a split second..........god forbid it never happens to one of mine