View Full Version : Relocation Advice on Money, Pueblos, Towns, Houses, Schools...

08-09-2012, 22:04
Hello All from a sunny, hot, 25degrees London (yes, you read correctly!!) :)

OK where do i start... I was naive (possibly a stupid Dreamer) back in 2010 when i saved a few grand dropped everything and moved to Tenerife during this "crisis"... Im bilingual in english and spainsh (spanish parents, 28, born and bred in London), had saved money and found it extremelly difficult to find a full time permanent job, so finished and i had to return to good old London.

I dont want this same situation to happen again, but i dont want to give up on my dream either...

My Dream... In a "perfect" dream i would one day love to have a permanent job, buy a house in a beautiful spot on the island, get married and have a child and dog (which i will rescue from one of the many refugios on the island who work so hard to help these dogs!)...(and live happily ever after lol...Why not?!)

Since ive been back in the UK i have been working hard, Saving, Saving, Saving.
I still want and need to save more even though i already have alot more than a few grand saved already and dont plan to go anywhere just yet but dont want to wait forever either.

I know all about the unemployment rate and all that, thats why im still here in the UK praying things will get better so my dream can become more of a reality.

SO... What i would like advice on is how much would a person without children need to get on that plane and never look back...keeping in mind i would like to bring over money towards a deposit for a property, what else is needed apart from a deposit...tax etc... a rough figure for example a house costing 100,000 euros.

Location wise i would love to visit (not too touristy) Beautiful pueblos/towns North and South of the island with a mixture of Canarian and English locals, good schools, local and fresh food that i can explore (on my next holiday to tenerife in 2 weeks time woohoooo) to see where i could possibly one day live... (I will have a rental car so dont mind going anywhere)
(I know depending on where i might get a job location may change but no harm in exploring areas.)

Dream house would be a 2/3 bedroom House with a garden, (or finca) nice views, near to schools, up in the mountains, or near the sea.

Job wise, im fluent and bilingual in both english and spanish (have certificates to prove this lol), and have work experience in ALOT of sectors... this may not help at the moment but any advice on any training that could lead to work that the island may need...? I dont know what but im open for suggestions. For example i know teaching english is not needed that much at the moment, so i dont think doing a TEFL course can help... but any other things i can do from here to help myself there for the future.

Sooo, sorry about all the questions and advice im asking for but i just pray things get a bit better... Anyway until then i have my holiday to look forward to, and i cant wait 14 days and counting...yay!!

Hope to here from you soon and thanks for reading. :)