View Full Version : Tax How serious is this letter from Agencia Tributaria about non-residence tax?

13-09-2012, 10:10
I have just returned to Tenerife and found a letter fro the Agencia Tributaria - it is obviously for me to pay non-resident tax. However, I have had a residencia for about 12 years, although since I am paid a pension in the UK, have never become a fiscal resident. Luckily, I am (up to tomorrow!) still within the 15 dias naturales, as the letter is dated 31st August. It is saying I need to go to Santa Cruz - can this be sorted out in the Hacienda in Adeje? I will pay up if I have to, but I thought that with a residencia, I was ok. I am now spending more than 192 days in Tenerife.

13-09-2012, 12:21
Scan the letter and PM it it depends on the "tone" of the letter - the first round usually says something like
according to our records you d onot appear to have paid Non residents tax for 2008/9/10" Then the next one is a bit tougher
You owe blah blah for the year 2008 if you accept and pay this provisional calculation there will be no further action, and then on upwards to if you do not pay this plus fines plus interest your property/car will be embargoed.

Where are you up to - or is it just the recorded delivery notification slip from the post office that you have?

In general terms the only proof of fiscal residence in Spain that will be accepted are declaracións de renta (annual fiscal residents' tax returns.

Give a bit more info and can better advise you.

11-12-2012, 19:54
can any body help me. I have just received a letter from The Agencia Tributaria tiltled" Notificacion del Alegaciones Y Propuesta De Liquidacion Provisonal. from a house I sold 4 years ago at no profit


12-12-2012, 09:20
It's not based on what you sell at it is their valuation of the property, whether you make a profit or loss is nothing to do with it.

12-12-2012, 10:23
Notificacion del Alegaciones Y Propuesta De Liquidacion Provisonal. Means you have a chance to contest the provisional calculation they sent you.
A lot will depend on your status ie resident or non resident and who this is from - it sounds like state Agencia Tributaria but could be Administracion Tributaria Canaria.
There are also rules about selling after a short period and then the sale proceeds are taxed as income.
In other words a lot more info is needed to determine whether you do or don't owe the debt - get some professional help.

12-12-2012, 15:23
Thank you for your help in this matter do you have any suggestions on where to seek professional help

12-12-2012, 16:18
Golden maniac can help you

12-12-2012, 17:07
OK Golden maniac what do I do next and of course how much will it cost me


12-12-2012, 18:08
Why don't you pm or email me