View Full Version : Paperwork Getting belongings sent home to UK from a hotel in Tenerife

15-09-2012, 08:38

My wife and I recently had a brilliant holiday in Tenerife staying at a hotel.

Unfortunately my wife left a bag there which had her phone, credit card and book in.

The hotel advised us that we needed to arrange for a courier to pick it up to get it sent back to us. This I arranged and it was picked up.

Unfortunately the courier have now phoned up and said they need invoices for the items being sent. Given the nature of the package I don't have anything of the sort! I have tried to explain its personal belongings and not a commercial transaction but to no avail.

I guess I need to fill in some sort of customs declaration but cannot find anything from googling to explain what I might need to do. Does anyone have any experience or can help me with this please?

Much appreciated!!! ???

15-09-2012, 09:48
What a shame you didn't join this Forum the moment you "lost" the bag, I'm sure that many members , including myself, would have offered help to get it from the hotel and then back to the UK.

Having said that who is the courier you are using and what explanation do they give about the paperwork you need, they must know.

There are contact numbers etc., for customs in the UK here