View Full Version : My car tax has been paid twice in Tenerife. Can I get one payment back?

Northern Monkey
17-09-2012, 10:01
Can anyone help, I bought a car from a neighbour last year, unfortunately he died very soon after. Unbeknown to me he was paying his car tax by direct debit and this continued even after his death. In April I paid the car tax but it had already been paid from his account.

Therefore the car tax has been paid twice and the relatives of the deceased are asking me how they get this money back. Has anyone any ideas how we go about this?

17-09-2012, 10:21
Send a pm to forum member goldenmaniac, she will know. :goodluck:

17-09-2012, 15:11
Whose name was the bill in at the time you paid it in April - still his or had you changed it to yours by then?

If still in his then his bank should be able to help with clawing back the double payment or failing that his beneficiary under his will should be able to go to Consorcio with documentary evidence of the double payment.

If the bill was in your name by then - then you go to Consorcio and apply for a refund.

However it's very strange that you were able to pay the impuesto because it would come up under one NIE or other or Vehicle reg or a combination of both as paid - so are you 100% sure that it's the same year which is double paid - there wasn't an outstanding one from before or anything?

Northern Monkey
21-09-2012, 11:27
Thanks Golden Maniac,

Iīm not too sure whose name was on the bill at the time. We bought it in Jan and it had all the right docs and car tax was paid up-to-date. It was all very strange at the time but I will try to explain.

I went to the Ayuntamiento to get the document so I could go to the bank to pay it, they couldnīt give me the document for some reason but I couldnīt understand why. Anyway, they told me to wait a few days and then go to the bank which I did. The bank told me to go back to the Ayuntamiento. Then, when I went to the ayuntamiento they rang the bank whilst I was there and told me that the car tax had DEFINITELY not been paid out of the deceasedīs bank account and that I needed to go to Icod to pay it. I went to Icod and paid and then never heard anything else until a friend of the deceased told me it had been paid out of the deceasedīs account as well. This friend said she would sort it but obviously hasnīt because now the relatives are asking me why it was paid and where the refund is.

So iīm guessing that the next thing I should do is go back to Icod and try and get a refund into the deceasedīs account? Would I be able to do this or not?

One last piece of info- I did not buy the car, my father in law did, so will I be able to do anything without being a relative of the deceased or the owner of the car?

15-05-2014, 08:48
You would need written authorisation for consorcio with copies of the holders documentation and in the case of the bank a power of attorney.

15-05-2014, 21:43
Blimey. Seems a lot of hassle, how much are we talking about. My road tax is only about €35 a year? Is it worth it?

16-05-2014, 06:35
i think forget it -- mine is 59 e -- just give him the money it is cheaper in the long run --

16-05-2014, 17:42
I agree, move on.