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Dave Social
18-09-2012, 17:03
My wife opened a Spanish account over here and transferred a large amount of savings money from a UK bank.
Unfortunately there was an issue at the Spanish bank trying to withdraw the money once the transfer was complete. We could not get it resolved, so the problem was mentioned to my wife’s employer (now ex employer) who then put her in touch with a solicitor friend. We then both entrusted the solicitor to take care of helping us get access to the money.
After a few weeks the solicitor told us she could release the money and needed my wife to open a new account with another bank so she could get us the money transferred across and we could then withdraw it. The solicitor took all my wife’s details and opened an account in my wife’s name on behalf of my wife as we can’t speak Spanish. All that was needed was the new bank card and other bank details to arrive to us and the money was there for us to withdraw. The card and details never arrived. This Solicitor going by the name of ‘Jenny Dawson’ stole the money from my wife's account. She had transferred the money in to an account in her name then somehow arranged to withdraw the whole amount. She is on the run. It was reported to the police and they took a twenty page long statement from my wife.
There is a warrant out for the arrest of this woman.

Please don’t be as stupid as us to fall for such a scam. If this has happened to you and you have not reported it yet, then please go report it to the police at Las Americas, even if it’s a small amount of money. If you know the whereabouts of this Jenny Dawson please let me know or the Guardia Civil

18-09-2012, 17:07
Jeez Dave. Sorry pal, that must hurt a lot. Hope you get it all back mate.:(

Tom & Sharon
18-09-2012, 17:15
That's terrible, we are very sorry for you.

You really shouldn't trust anyone in Spain though, no matter who they are (or say they are)

Sad, but that's the reality.

18-09-2012, 17:44
How terrible I hope you get your money back. Was this an actual Abogado or Gestor?

Dave Social
18-09-2012, 17:53
sorry can't give you that information Chocaholic

18-09-2012, 17:59
sorry can't give you that information Chocaholic

...what colour was his hair then?...

18-09-2012, 18:07
Sorry you had such trouble. Just points to how VERY careful you have to be in any dealings. This is especially so if you transacting in a foreign country. Hope you get a good (if extended) outcome.

Dave Social
18-09-2012, 18:08
It was a woman. There is lots of things we don't know and do know, but I'm sure once it goes to court we will find out even more. Wife has to travel to mainland Spain to give evidence in court. Like I say I dont want give too much details out as this could jeopardise the case. Im supprised to have not seen anything in the papers yet.

18-09-2012, 18:15
OMG!!!! well you would think that you could trust a solicitor..... so very sorry to hear your unfortunate circumstances.

18-09-2012, 18:19
sorry to hear this story and hope you get your money back.

I'm assuming the 'solicitor' had what looked like a bonafida office complete with nameplate/certificates on view, and if this is the case then it really is a worrying scenario.

18-09-2012, 18:58
You are right not to say too much, the last things you want to do is jeopardise the case

Its not the first time unfortunately. I heard about a women with an office in the Apolo or Valdez Centre some years ago who eloped with 250,000€ + of clients money. Cant remember the details now but it highlights the fact that you really dont know who you are dealing with here. Be it estate agents, lawyers, bank staff - agents who pretend they are bank staff (yep - they exist and donīt have a terribly good track record regardless of the shiny signs above their offices!)

Some tips on checking people out before you hand over money or sign anything:

Google the business name or business address and look at the first 10 pages - not just page 1.
Ask the actual name of who you are dealing with and Google their name in quotes like this: "Joe Bloggs" Tenerife again, read further than page one. Find out who these people actually are. Do they seem legit? Do they have a real online presence and profile?
Ask for references - why not? Anyone who does business here will work with others - ask for one or two people and call them.
Search on LinkedIn - its a great tool and can show peoples background, history, associates, how connected and well known they are etc.

None of this is 100% foolproof but it is a good idea and the least you should do. Stop being taken in by the grinning idiot you meet in a bar who tells you how to make it in Tenerife and how things get done but has not himself made it and doesn't seem to be able to get much done in his own life.

I have had developers, buyers, sellers, gestors, lawyers, banks staff, other agents, odd bods sticking their noses in - all try to rip me off on sales to varying degrees.
I see some pretty dodgy stuff going on with bank staff now they are involves in property sales as well, as bad as any agent - yet people for some mental reason trust them more even in light of the recent international banking crisis....

Most people here are doing something because there is money in it. Most people want to "help" you because theres something in it for them. This isnt always an evil thing but you have to bear in mind when people are being smiley and nice to you. To many here you are simply another big fat bag of cash shuffling down the street.

We have had a few people on here who have been scammed by rental ads, sent their money over, turned up and there is no apartment etc - very sad.
Then there is business sales - a joke of an industry where almost everything on sale is worthless.

You really have to be careful where money is involved - it is scam island, it always has been and right now it is worse than ever as people struggle to stay afloat.
Where possible, stick with trusted people/businesses, stick with people you know. Stick with well known businesses/companies, they are less likely to rip you off as they have their reputations at risk.
If it looks too good to be true, walk away or ask someone uninvolved to look at it with a fresh perspective - be careful!
If you are new to Tenerife - be INCREDIBLY careful with your money or it will be gone.

09-10-2012, 18:21
Oh this is so sad , I was myself just searching about good Spanish banks etx and came across this :(

10-10-2012, 13:38
After being a member on here a while and never reallly posted I have to say that CIM's posts have definately made me very wary!
The 1st of he's posts about the Bar owning scams was eye opener for me as most people
who come to Tenerife dream of owning a bar in the sun, which was also one of mine but not anymore
after reading the postings on here.
And this one just somes up my thoughts that trust only can be earned over time and after reading posts by a couple of members who give sound advice, they would be my 1st port of call when I look to buy out there.

10-10-2012, 16:04
That's terrible, we are very sorry for you.

You really shouldn't trust anyone in Spain though, no matter who they are (or say they are)

Sad, but that's the reality.
Just in Spain??

12-11-2012, 17:21
Why do you specify "Spain"?