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18-09-2012, 22:19
Hello all,

well, 3 yrs ago I came to Tenerife for 6 months, fell in love with it and 3 yrs later I am still here....

The problem I have is, that although I have a N.i.e number, that is about all I have done to register that I live here. I lived with my partner in an apartment that he bought, and so my name wasn't on any paper work relating to it. We sold the apartment 2 months ago and now we are renting, so my name is on now on the rental agreement.

Time just ran away with us, and I just never got round to getting residencia or even announcing to the uk, that i now live overseas. How do I even do that?

I presume by now I am not on any uk electoral registers.

How do I find out where I am registered as living?

Hope you can help.


18-09-2012, 23:59
For what it's worth.

Take your Green NIE/Residencia, Passport, Rental Agreement to you local Town Hall and for €1,55 you need to get you Empad. That registers you in the local system.
If you've registered with a Canarian Doctor's surgery then this ususally automatically removes you from your doctor's register back in the UK

When you left the UK you were obliged to tell the relevant authorities such as HMRC, local council Etc.

You are are resident but not a citizen but without the Empad no one really knows where you are.

I'm not an expert like GoldenManiac but I think I'm correct on most things here.

19-09-2012, 11:25
Hi Carpenter,

Thanks so much for the info....I will take the relevant info to the local town hall and register my self, and de-register myself with the uk.

I have private health here and haven't registered with any doctor yet, just because i haven't had a need to see one yet, but it maybe worth me registering with one just so I am on the system.

Janine :0)