View Full Version : Finance Debt crisis: Spanish budget discussion thread

27-09-2012, 16:18
The bumpy ride is far from over, how much worse can things get?

Whether you're for or against the European Union, you must feel for the people that are really suffering.

Is the solution to continue along the same path of austerity, perhaps we should become a purely trading union again or is a complete break up of the Union the answer?

I would opt for the trading option as the other ways are too painful and complex.



27-09-2012, 16:52
I believe Spain is on the brink of some radical changes; Catalunya are going to the polls for independence in 7 weeks time, and as people get more desperate, and in many cases hungry, the protests will increase in frequency and intensity.
My own personal opinion is that austerity should first and foremost be enforced upon the affluent politicians and bankers before the working class. How can the man on the street accept that he has to pay more IVA, fuel taxes, taxes (if heīs lucky enough to have work), etc, when over 2 million € of public funds to bail out Bankia went to pay off itīs failed CEO?
It will get worse and Spanish working class are rapidly losing their patience with the government.

27-09-2012, 17:23
The crisis will only be resolved when countries learn to live within their means . The EU has a lot to answer for in encouraging countries to over spend.