View Full Version : Other How long will it take to drive from Loro Parque to Las Chafiras?

02-10-2012, 16:07
Hi we are coming over to Tenerife soon to go to Loro, and want to drive down to Iceland before jumping back on the ferry...can anyone advise how long it will take to get from loro to las chafiras, and then back up to the ferry. Many Thanks :-)

nurse ratchet
02-10-2012, 16:18
I can understand someone coming to Tenerife to visit Loro Parque.

However why anyone would want to drive from Puerto de la Cruz to Iceland in Chafiras (or anywhere else for that matter) is quite beyond me. But then again people watch X-Factor and Jeremy Kyle which is equally baffling

02-10-2012, 16:21
LOL I dont watch the X factor or Jeremy Kyle, however, I do like Iceland and there is one there.....so no information on the time it will take, thnks for that lol

02-10-2012, 16:35
It takes me about an hour from Puerto de la Cruz to Iceland. That is the traffic being normal.

02-10-2012, 16:38
Thank you :-)

02-10-2012, 17:43
I'm sure you can get yummy British biccies and choccies in Puerto de La Cruz hehehehe :crylaughing:

02-10-2012, 18:13
Im sure you can, but I want Iceland lol

02-10-2012, 20:45
Im sure you can, but I want Iceland lol

Curiouser and Curiouser :eyebrows::wink2: