View Full Version : Binter to be able to access Residencia records online

05-10-2012, 15:51
I have just seen this article in News in the Sun, and thought it would be of interest. :)

The row over having to obtain a certificate of residence, to take advantage of travel discounts enjoyed by islanders, could well be over with the announcement of a new, computerised scheme being introduced by local airline, Binter.

A new ruling by central government, requiring all residents to provide proof of residence, obtained from their town hall, came into force on September 1 with the intention of helping to prevent fraud.

Not surprisingly, perhaps, the scheme was not well received by Canarians, with tales of long queues at town halls struggling with the extra workload.

However, Binter have now introduced a computerised system, giving them access to the town hall records of people on the Electoral Register, a facility unavailable previously due to issues with the Data Protection Act.

The new system, the Automatic Private Accreditation System (SARA), which is soon to be taken up by other airlines, will allow passengers to book on-line as before and the system will automatically confirm their entitlement to the discount by accessing the relevant town hall records.

06-10-2012, 09:24
We just returned from a short break in Fuerteventura and we flew with Binter. At Tenerife North Airport, the check-in staff asked for our empadronamiento de viaje and didn't require our residencia but coming back yesterday, we presented the same documents at check-in but were asked for our residencias also. It seems that you can't take the chance of not having the correct and valid documents as they will charge you the full price of the fare on top of what you have already paid. However, it was well worth the hassles we went through to get all the relevant paperwork as we had a great time!