View Full Version : Other Advice wanted about finding work and accommodation in Tenerife

13-08-2012, 00:40
I'm looking to move to Tenerife to work for a month or so, and to learn spanish whilst i'm over there.
I'm just wondering if anyone who has done this before has any advice on how to go about finding work before I get there, and accommodation ect.
I've never done anything like this before so any help would be appreciated! :D

10-10-2012, 14:48
I'm moving to Tenerife 3rd November 2012, I'm 30 years old and male with no dependants, I have qualifications in being a chef and a bar manager, I would like to find work and also a place to stay/live. Preferably on the south of the island, any info or advice would be hugely helpful right now :) cheers danny

10-10-2012, 14:49
Was hoping for answers to these questions too :(

10-10-2012, 14:56
Thats more like it. someone will be along to advise you.

10-10-2012, 15:07
As you will notice the Forum is split into categories to make searching easier.

Start a thread for a job HERE (http://www.tenerifeforum.org/tenerife-forum/forumdisplay.php?29-Tenerife-Jobs-Wanted-amp-Vacancies)

and a thread for accommodation HERE (http://www.tenerifeforum.org/tenerife-forum/forumdisplay.php?32-Tenerife-Property-amp-Accommodation) in this way the right people will see the requests ie. Members who only look in these categories because they have jobs or accommodation available.

Hope this helps

10-10-2012, 15:12
I have merged the 2 threads as they are both asking the same question.

I hope my previous post helps

10-10-2012, 15:35
Thanks guys!!! Think I'm starting to get the hang of it :) x