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10-10-2012, 23:55
I am getting fed up flying back and forth to the UK. Can anyone let me know the pro 's and cons of taking up residence.. The cost, the paperwork etc. As a pensioner what would I qualify for health and travel wise. Also would I need a lawyer. I already have an NIE no. Grateful for any advice.

11-10-2012, 11:11
The pros have to be that you are in the sunshine, a feel good factor, as a pensioner you will need the S1 form from the pension office to obtain medical assistance here and register with a doctor.

you can contact me and i will help you get your residencia and your medical card sorted.

11-10-2012, 12:45
Suzanne was a godsend to me when I was buying my apartment - she's helped me get my NIE, my phone installed, sorted out my town hall rates and my basura among other things. I have no hesitation in recommending her services.

That reminds me - I need to move my bank account to Las Chafiras.. Suzanne? :D

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11-10-2012, 12:55

many thanks, am on my way back to the Uk yet again, back November. Will give serious it thought, while watching the rain!!!!

11-10-2012, 20:18

06-01-2013, 17:13
Can anyone please explain tome the advantage(s) of having Residencia.?.

mike in chayofa
06-01-2013, 19:14
Can anyone please explain tome the advantage(s) of having Residencia.?.

I have moved your post to a thread that is already on the forum.

Technically, you do not have an option. If you live in Tenerife for more than 6 months in any year, you are obliged to apply for resident status.

See HERE (http://www.diana-mcglone.com/#residencia)

06-01-2013, 20:06
many thanks

07-01-2013, 10:22
Doing a similar journey to the O/P, though not close to a 6 month cumulative stay, we considered changing our residential status from UK to Tenerife. There were several advantages - you can live quite cheaply in Tenerife, provided you have an income; the weather (even though I sometimes yearn for less sun - well heat); the social life. I think you have to consider what works for YOU.

On the downside our reasons are mostly practical. The first thought we had was that FOR US our apartment was too small for long stays - though we know many who enjoyed the exact same sized apartments for long stays. We also wanted extra bedrooms, so friends could join us. The second problem was language. We still only speak a little Spanish, such us "Dos cerveza, por favor" and really would have to learn the language properly to deal with everyday issues. The third practical problem is the amount of 'regulation' and paperwork needed. But there are always accountants and gestors to ease the burden.

Personally, I can deal with practical issues. It's not like we don't have something similar in the UK - we just learn over a longer period.

What does concern me is what was touched on in the video posted here and that is health issues. Right now I am (cough.cough) sort of fit and in reasonable health, but as I've gotten older I have accumulated a few more items on my prescriptions. I have no problem with the Spanish health system; it's as good as the UK's.

In the UK I have gone through the loss of family and friends and seen the devastation alzheimers left on a loved one. In Tenerife friends have passed away too, but a great bloke I know got Parkinsons in Tenerife and this reaked havoc, both to him and his wife and finally we had to quit Tenerife and return to the UK. But he must also be shocked as he returned to a UK vastly more expensive in terms of property prices and living costs that he left first time and enjoyed in Tenerife.

In the video, a lady speaks of her community helping others in times of crisis and I laud this. But how widespread is that attitude? I saw the same chap I referred to somewhat ignored by people he'd know a long time. Also I wouldn't want my wife to have to go though hoops to deal with me is a similar situation.

07-01-2013, 16:04
they should be little cost look here at my post.here (http://www.tenerifeforum.org/tenerife-forum/showthread.php?135-Residencia-amp-the-new-Certificado-de-Registro-in-Tenerife-discussions-and-questions/page26) it is very easy do to get your resident and sure you could do it yourself no problem has at the police station speak good English,but as you will see you only need to get is to get your income translated nothing else has they know the S1 and they we expect your EHIC CARD WHICH THEY DID FOR US.So cost should only be around the 30 euros to get income translated.pros shine, warmth that is for you i think good luck.

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just got our 5 yr residenica and i have to say how easy it was and that for our medical health insurance they took our EHIC for this part(though we had a private one ) which you get here FREE http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/Healthc...-the-ehic.aspx we also got a couple of pieces paper work translated which cost the most though that depends who you see at the police station we got our medical and finances done for 60 euros though again if i knew about them accepting the EHIC then we would of not needed both.This can easily be done by yourself and would save you a bit of cash,if we can you can.pm if you need more info

EX 18 you get here http://extranjeros.empleo.gob.es/es/...es2/index.html which you only have to do the first part on the forum then print it of or save it,then print it off at a later date but print off a couple of more time so you have copys.
go to the poilce station you will get a 790 again very easy to fill in just name and address needed and your N.I.E number if you have one.same as the EX18 really.
Your Certifado de empadronamiento you get FREE for you local town hall (ayuntamiento ) all you need for this is you rental contract and N.I.E and passport or just take everything you have.once you have all your documents copy all them (expect 790 forum) and you must have passport photo's to, you
might think this sound hard but it is not.Once in the police station we were out in less than an 1/2 hour with our residenica.