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Vortex Wake
19-06-2011, 15:03
The Slingbox approach to watching UK TV in Tenerife

Slingbox PRO

The Slingbox is a device available for retailers such as Currys PC World, that allows home multimedia content (Freeview TV, Sky, Virgin, CCTV etc) to be sent via broadband internet to your own PC, Laptop, CellPhone or Sling 'Catcher' anywhere in the world that has a good internet service.


Typical screen layout on a PC with remote control (full screen TV also possible)

How does Slingbox work?

Slingbox is plugged into mains power, your internet enabled router (via Ethernet cable) and the appropriate media source (Sky box etc) available in the property back in the UK.


Example connection showing Slingbox 'Solo'

But how do I watch my UK media content abroad?

Simple - having plugged in the Slingbox unit correctly, and configured it, download the free Slingbox software on your PC or Laptop, configure, and start watching.


Laptop Screen image show Slingbox playback

How do I control what I want to watch and change channel?

The Slingbox software that is downloaded comes with a large database of media players, cable boxes, satellite boxes etc . You simply select the device you have such as a Virgin V+ box and way you go!

The on screen remote control mirrors the physical remote control back home. The numerical keys can also be used to change channel on full playback display.


The current Slingbox versions available

So I can watch my Skybox content and Virgin content abroad - switching between the two?

Yes, the Slingbox PRO for example will allow you to watch UK Digital Freeview too. You can also connect your hone CCTV security system and more.


Slingbox content on the Blackberry smartphone

So I can watch Slingbox on my Smartphone?

Yes - Slingbox caters for most mobile platforms including Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Symbian. There is a small one-off charge for downloading Slingbox mobile.
On phones like the Nokia range, or the Samsung Galaxy - you can even output the content to the TV direct (or the Navigation screen in your car).


Sling Catcher

The Sling Catcher is a additional optional device that connects directly to the TV (and router) you own abroad allowing PC/Laptop free viewing.

What are the ongoing costs of running Slingbox?

There are NO ongoing costs apart from the initial outlay of purchasing the Slingbox (between 100 - 200), and any Slingmobile one off download charges. You will have to pay for broadband and mains power.

Do I need a UK IP address?

No, absolutely not!

Is It legal to watch TV abroad in this way?

Since this is a one-to-one method of viewing, then it is regarded a perfectly legal - assuming you have paid for the content back home (BBC licence fee, Sky subscription etc)

Do the Slingbox have any other uses?

By connecting your home CCTV camera system, or nanny cam - you can watch these image abroad too.

You can also is the Slingbox around the home when back in the UK too, thus allowing TV playback to any room in the house or in the garden too.

19-06-2011, 15:10
I've been using a slingbox/slingcatcher a couple of years, and it works ok, as long as the internet connection works fine.
Usually you can't expect the best picture quality though, unless you have a really fast connection. (And even then it's sensitive to network glitches on the way between the box and you.)
I have my slingbox connected to a digibox in my parents home in Sweden, and can either watch using the slingplayer at my computer, or using the slingcatcher connected to my TV.

19-06-2011, 15:58
yep I have a sling Pro and watched the Golf last night down at my Golf club on my Laptop (they don't have Sky TV) When I visit Tenerife I always bring my laptop to watch sky Tv from home.