View Full Version : Lost purse in a taxi from Los Cristianos

18-10-2012, 15:09
Friends travelled from Los Cristianos to meet up at Carlos restuarant last evening (Wednesday 17th)
They travelled by taxi to Club Atlantis to meet up with group before eating
Unfortunately lady paying taxi fare broke a strap on her dress at this time and trying to hold her dignity dropped her purse
Upshot being purse with approx 320 kitty was lost
She tried calling taxi firm etc but as almost expected nothing found
We all only hope whoever found cash either a) needed it
and b) enjoyed spending it
Take care of belongings !!

18-10-2012, 19:43
Where are all the Honest People when You need Them.?

Such a sad Story.

18-10-2012, 19:54
Infuriating, exasperating and very sad.