View Full Version : How much should I bugdet for living in Tenerife for a month?

29-10-2012, 20:52

We looking to move to Tenerife approximately how much should I budget a month for electricity and water for a one bed apartment

Any rough estimates would be welcome



29-10-2012, 21:07
We are about €40 per month on Elec. and €15 pm for water - cooking most night , 2 TV´s Laptop ,Fridge freezer ,washing machine - 2 Adults .

29-10-2012, 21:34

Good question. Someone with Their Eyes open..

Good Luck.!

tracy hampshire
29-10-2012, 21:53
when i first moved to tenerife i found an apartment with water & electric included into the price, that way i knew my budget every month, then when i found my feet i looked for something better, i have found you can always find some great places to live , but more so when you´ve been here a while & get to know people , i at first paid about 350 a month for a large studio all included, now rent a 4 bed canarian house for 200, so imo start small then find something more suitable when you get yourself sorted :)

29-10-2012, 22:17
All depends on where you live as different things can be included in your leccy bill.

As a home owner my leccy is about 90 a month, but my water is only 7.

When I was a tenant my leccy was abit cheaper but my water was 30 a month.

Who can figure?