View Full Version : Can I get car hire at Tenerife south airport after midnight?

04-11-2012, 22:41
I am looking to rent a car at Tenerife South Airport for nine days. I will be arriving on a Ryanair flight from Barcelona, which gets into TFS at 00:10 am (night from Wednesday to Thursday).

Will car hire companies stay open this late if I have pre-booked a car? Will I be charged a supplement for my late pick-up?

I have looked at some car broker companies, which have very competitive rates, but the small print says something about being charged a supplement (around 25€) if the car is being picked up outside office hours.

Does anyone have any experiences with booking through a broker like sunnycars.com and picking up their car at TFS after midnight? Sunnycars allows me to specify a late pick-up time (for instance 00:30 am) without adding a supplement. Do I run the risk of the car rental office being closed, or being charged extra for the late pick-up directly by the car rental company?

What are your experiences?

05-11-2012, 00:28
Take a look at this thread Sara, 90% on here use Autoreisen at TFS because they have no hidden extra's,there is a pic of their office in the thread with phone number details etc!


05-11-2012, 00:34
Although Auto Resein state that they shut at Midnight, they are usually open for Ryanair flights after this time.

06-12-2012, 11:23
Should you fly to Murcia you may like the offering from one of the local carhire companies (non english) - taken from their website


06-12-2012, 17:29
Auto Reisen will be there. Read their website. They are also the cheapest and best and quickest, no BS.

07-12-2012, 01:41
Auto Reisen will be there. Read their website. They are also the cheapest and best and quickest, no BS.

You're right - I've priced other car hire firms for our next trip out, and to get the same deal as Auto Reisen give you as standard (no excess on the collision insurance and an extra driver) the nearest quote was @75 more...

07-12-2012, 08:43
I was at the airport a couple of weeks ago to get a hire car from Autoreisen and the queue at Goldcar, next to Autoreisen was massive.

Presumably they were knocking out carhire cheaply to attract customers but part of the reason for the queue was their expensive add-on charges.

A customer (female) was having a right old arguement with one of the Goldcar staff about charges she was being asked to pay, it was the inflated cost for a tank of petrol and the extra insurance (which they make out is mandtory). The customer said she would not pay anymore as she has already paid for her carhire in advance and just wanted the car keys !!

The member of staff (behind a glass window) was waving the carkeys in front of the customer and pointing out if she wanted them she would have to pay the charges.

We picked up our carkeys from Autoreisen, no extra charges, no petrol costs (just take it back with the same level as you picked it up), we left within a couple of minutes of arriving and the Goldcar woman was still arguing !

ps we were told the car had half a tank of fuel, this was also shown on the carhire contract however when we got to the car it only had a quarter of a tank.

We went to the Autoreisen location in the carpark to 'have words' and the lady apologised and said to bring it back empty and made a note of this on the computer system and amended my contract - cant say fairer than that.

07-12-2012, 09:39
go with autoreisen, easy to deal with, and if anything goes wrong they sort it out
gold car are the worst car hire company i have ever dealt with and have been subject to several reports in the newspapers but still try to rip you off.

01-04-2013, 16:42
I also read somewhere on the net about GoldCar charging for damage??? when the customer had gone home, they had a very difficult time with a refund.
Also a customer told them whilst they had the car they had a puncture, they had it repaired themself but they still charged them for a new tyre.
I googled it all. They get a real bad write up.